The 23 Most Powerful Case Study Questions [2023]

Justin Berg
Co-Founder at Simple Testimonial
September 5, 2023
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We all know that case studies and testimonials play crucial roles in enhancing a company's credibility and driving conversions.

But the quality of the case study itself is fully-driven by the questions that are asked.

Well-prepared case study questions help professionals gather valuable data, quotes, and insights from their clients during interviews.

In this article, well provide you with the 23 most powerful case study questions to ask to elicit the best possible case studies from your customers, as well as how to build case studies at scale leveraging video testimonials.

Case Study Question Structure

Being well-prepared is essential when interviewing a customer for a case study.

With a limited amount of time, usually 20-30 minutes, it is crucial to have your questions ready beforehand.

Generally, case study questions can be categorized into four main themes:

  • Background of the customer
  • The challenge they faced
  • The reason for choosing your solution
  • The results they experienced

Consider arranging your questions in a chronological order, as it creates a natural narrative flow:

  • Beginning: Cover the customer's background and their challenge
  • Middle: Explore the solution, including its implementation
  • End: Focus on the results and the impact of the solution

By asking comprehensive, well-structured questions, you can effectively capture the customer's story while highlighting the effectiveness of your solution.

This approach allows you to create a compelling case study that drives sales and showcases your expertise.

The 23 Most Powerful Case Study Questions to Ask

Background Information

  • How would you describe your company?
  • What aspects of your company are appealing to you?
  • Can you share some details about your role within the company?
  • What are your professional goals and those of your company?

Identifying Challenges

  • What significant challenges prompted your search for a solution?
  • How did these challenges negatively affect your company or yourself personally?
  • What were the desired outcomes with a potential solution?
  • What were the necessary criteria for the selected solution?
  • How did you plan to gauge the success of the chosen solution?

Exploring Solutions

  • Which alternative solutions were considered prior to choosing ours?
  • How did you come across our offering?
  • Can you describe the evaluation process?
  • What specific reasons led you to select our solution?
  • Which services are we delivering for you?
  • How do these services address your identified challenges?
  • Can you provide insight into the implementation process?
  • How do we support you when assistance is needed?

Analyzing Results

  • How has our solution influenced or benefited your end users?
  • What impact has our solution had on your company as a whole?
  • Are there any quantifiable data or results highlighting the benefits of our solution?
  • How has your overall experience been working with our team?
  • What are the future plans for collaboration between your company and ours?
  • What advice would you give to others considering our solution?

Customize these interview questions for each customer, focusing on the essential aspects and allowing room for follow-up queries. Maintain a confident, knowledgeable, neutral, and clear tone of voice throughout the discussion in order to gather valuable insights from the interviewee.

How to Turn Video Testimonials into Case Studies

Great! Now you know how to structure your case study, and have the right questions to ask.

But don't traditional case studies typically take a long time to prepare for, including scheduling time, making the ask and conducting an actual interview?

There's now a simple way to collect case studies, using video testimonials.

Want to collect case studies 10x faster, and on auto-pilot? Check out our Guide on How to Build Case Studies on Auto-Pilot with Video Testimonials.

Expert Tip:ย Send the Case Study Interview Questions Beforehand

Sending case study interview questions to customers before the interview not only puts them at ease but also ensures they have the necessary information and data for giving proper feedback.

Contrary to concerns about dishonest responses, providing questions in advance often leads to more informative testimonials.

Avoid These Frequent Case Study Errors

1. Relying on Yes/No Questions

Instead of using yes/no questions, try rephrasing them as open-ended inquiries, as they prompt more detailed answers.

2. Hesitating to Ask for Specifics

Don't shy away from asking for specifics, such as numbers, concrete examples, or additional details. They are essential for an insightful case study.

3. Failing to Ask The Right Questions

Remember - the quality of a case study is driven by the quality of the questons you ask. If you follow the structure above, you can then leverage video testimonials to build case studies on auto-pilot, saving tons of hours of manual work and preperation.

Final Thoughts

Case studies are driven by the questions that are asked - that's a fact.

If you're tired of the traditional way of collecting customer case studies, collecting customer video testimonials and turning those into case studies can be a more faster, and more powerful trust factor than the traditional way.