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How to embed testimonials on WebFlow

Add video testimonials to WebFlow in just a few clicks. Here's how:

Add Video Testimonials to WebFlow: Step-by-step Guide

Let's walk through in a few simple steps how you can add testimonials to WebFlow.

Step #1. Collect video testimonials with Simple Testimonial

The first step to adding to video testimonials to your website is either collecting new testimonials or uploading existing video testimonials.

If you don't already have video testimonials, you can collect them with ease using Simple Testimonial. Here's how:

If you have existing testimonials, you can import them directly into Simple Testimonial in order to showcase them on your WebFlow website:

Step #2. Copy your embed code

Now all you have to do is copy your embed code within Simple Testimonial:

Step #3. Paste your embed code in WebFlow

Open up the page on WebFlow and find the section where you want to embed your testimonial.

On the left-hand side of WebFlow's navigation bar, select the "Add" icon and select "Embed":

2. Paste the Simple Testimonial widget code, click save and re-publish your page.

That's it - your website visitors can now see your testimonials on WebFlow. 🎉