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How to Embed Testimonials on Shopify

Add video testimonials to Shopify in just a few clicks. Here's how:

Add Video Testimonials to Shopify: Step-by-step Guide

Let's walk through in a few simple steps how you can add testimonials to Shopify.

Step #1. Collect video testimonials with Simple Testimonial

The first step to adding to video testimonials to your website is either collecting new testimonials or uploading existing video testimonials.

If you don't already have video testimonials, you can collect them with ease using Simple Testimonial.

Here's how it works in three simple steps:

  • Step #1. Design your testimonial form, including custom questions, brand and logo in a few clicks.
  • Step #2. Copy your unique testimonial form link, and share it with your existing happy customers and ask for a video testimonial.
  • Step #3. Embed testimonials on-site by copying and pasting. No dev resources or involvement required.

Optional: Import Existing Testimonials

If you have existing testimonials, you can import them directly into Simple Testimonial in order to showcase them on your WordPress website.

Here's how you can import video testimonials using Simple Testimonial:

  • Step #1. Design your testimonial form, including custom questions, brand and logo in a few clicks.
  • Step #2. Open the feedback link in your browser, and choose "Upload a Video"
  • Step #3. Return to the Simple Testimonial dashboard, and click on "Widgets" from the left-hand navigation - you'll now find your uploaded testimonial ready for embedding.

Step #2. Copy your embed code and add it to Shopify

Now that you have testimonials, you're ready to showcase them on your website.

You can copy and paste your embed code in a few clicks, and add it to Shopify

Here's how:

  • Step #1. Click on "Widgets" and create a new widget, or select an existing widget.
  • Step #2. Choose your widget type and settings. Once done, click "Embed Code"
  • Step #3. Click to copy your widget embed code to your clipboard.
  • Step #4. Open your website in Shopify, choose the page where you want to embed your widget (for example, on your homepage).
  • Step #5. Paste the embed code, and click "Publish". Your widget will now display and show you testimonials on your website.

That's it - your website visitors can now see your testimonials on Shopify. 🎉