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Video testimonials have become an essential tool for building trust and social proof in the age of the internet.

Social proof has a significant impact on the success of a brand, and video testimonials can be a useful way to showcase this social proof.

However, there is one question I find that businesses often struggle to answer- how long should video testimonials be?

Nonetheless, this guide will provide insight into the ideal length for video testimonials and how to maximize their impact based on your own unique goals.

Making the Most of Time: How Long Should Video Testimonials Be?

Video testimonials have become increasingly popular in recent years as businesses look for ways to connect with their audience and build trust.

But - this begs the question: how long should video testimonials actually be?

Should they be short and sweet, or can they be longer and more in-depth?

The short and sweet answer? Our research has shown that video testimonials between 120 - 180 seconds perform best.

The best answer? It also depends on your goals.

Here are a few different situational answers to help guide you on your testimonial journey.

Approach #1: Multiple Speakers, Longer Length

One approach businesses can take is to incorporate a variety of speakers into their video testimonials.

This technique can provide different perspectives and experiences, making it easier for the viewer to connect with the brand.

For example, a clothing company could feature testimonials from people of different ages, sizes, and styles, showcasing the versatility of their products.

They could then take those collected testimonials, turning them into one single testimonial video showcasing the experience of multiple customers in one single video.

Approach 2: Short and sweet, yet focused

Another approach is to focus on specific products or services rather than general experiences - and focus on asking the best questions.

This approach can help keep the video concise and to the point.

For example, a software company could create a video testimonial that focuses on a specific feature or benefit of their product, rather than trying to cover everything at once.

This approach can also help the viewer understand exactly what the company has to offer and how it can benefit them.

Here's an example of how we help to hit on short-and-sweet, yet focused testimonials by only asking a few of the most important questions, and letting the end-customer then fill in the blanks and tell their story:

By setting a timel limit on recording, and also giving the end-customer questions upfront to guide the video testimonial, it's easier to control the quality of the end testimonial.

The Benefits of Short and Sweet Video Testimonials

Short video testimonials can have several benefits for businesses.

Firstly, viewers are more likely to watch a short video in its entirety, which can increase engagement and result in more leads.

Secondly, shorter videos can be easier to create, as they require less time and resources.

Finally, short videos can be shared on more platforms, including social media, making them accessible to a more extensive audience.

But, why are viewers more likely to watch a short video in its entirety?

Well, in today's fast-paced world, people are constantly bombarded with information. As a result, their attention spans have become shorter. Therefore, shorter videos that deliver the desired information in a concise manner are more likely to hold their attention.

Additionally, shorter videos can be created more efficiently, as they require less time from your customers.

We generally tell our customers to keep the testimonial length somewhere between 120-180 seconds, which helps with engagement rates.

How do we know? We track analytics across every single video testimonial you collect, so you can easily check and understand how shorter vs. longer form videos are performing in terms of views, and overall engagement time:

Short and sweet video testimonials can have several benefits for businesses.

They can increase engagement, be created more efficiently, and be shared on more platforms.

By keeping the message clear and direct, businesses can create visually engaging videos that capture the viewer's attention and increase their brand awareness.

Quality Over Quantity: How to Make the Most of a Short Video Testimonial

While shorter videos may require less time from your end customers, they also tend to perform even better than longer-form video testimonials - which most viewers don't even fully watch.

Remember, quality is always more important than quantity, and an authentic, engaging video testimonial can help businesses stand out in today's competitive market.

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