Why You Shouldn't Buy Video Testimonials: Unmasking the Dangers and Inefficacy

Dragan Berak
Co-Founder at Simple Testimonial
September 5, 2023
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Thinking about buying video testimonials for you business? Think again.

Purchasing "fake" video testimonials can cause damage to your brand and image - and they're pretty obvious to sport, even for potential customers.

We get it - if you've considered it, it's likely due to the high costs associated with creating video testimonials using outsourced agency services.

Now, there's a better way to collect video testimonials - at a fraction of this cost.

In this article, we'll cover the disadvantages of buying video testimonials, and why you should consider the honest way instead.

Disadvantages of Buying Video Testimonials

1. Inauthenticity

When businesses buy video testimonials, the content is often scripted or created by actors who have not actually used the product or service in question. This results in an inauthentic representation of the customers' genuine experiences, which can be easily noticed by viewers. In turn, this may damage the company's reputation and brand image.

2. Lack of Personalisation

Purchased video testimonials usually lack the personal touch that genuine testimonials provide. Real customers share unique, relatable experiences, which can be incredibly valuable for potential buyers to make an informed decision. In contrast, bought testimonials can be generic and unconvincing, failing to resonate with viewers.

3. Decreases Trust

Building trust between businesses and consumers is essential for long-term success. However, purchased video testimonials can have the opposite effect. If potential customers feel that a company is resorting to fake testimonials, they are less likely to trust the brand and may look elsewhere for products or services. This may also cause people to question the legitimacy of other businesses using video testimonials.

4. Legal Consequences

Using fake testimonials may lead to legal consequences, as it violates Federal Trade Commission (FTC) guidelines. The FTC enforces truth-in-advertising regulations, which means that businesses cannot use deceptive practices to promote their products or services. Companies that violate these guidelines may face fines, penalties, and negative publicity, further damaging their reputation and credibility.

The 4 Benefits of Genuine Customer Testimonials

1. Builds Trust

Genuine customer testimonials play a vital role in building trust with potential customers. Authentic testimonials from real people help to establish a connection, as they share their positive experiences which lead to customer satisfaction. Testimonials serve as social proof that your product or service has benefitted others, making it more likely that potential customers will trust your brand and choose to purchase from you.

2. Enhances Credibility

In a world where online reviews are increasingly important, genuine customer testimonials enhance a company's credibility. When potential customers see that others have had positive experiences with your brand, they are more likely to view your business as reputable and trustworthy. Authentic testimonials eliminate the need for exaggeration, as the honest opinions of satisfied customers will speak louder than any marketing claims.

3. Boosts Conversions

The power of genuine customer testimonials should not be underestimated when it comes to boosting conversions. By showcasing authentic reviews on your website or marketing materials, you can effectively influence potential customers' decision-making processes. With the assurance that they are making a well-informed choice based on the experiences of others, customers are more likely to complete a purchase or engage in your services, ultimately leading to increased conversions.

4. Improves Customer Experience

Lastly, genuine customer testimonials contribute to an improved customer experience. By displaying these testimonials, you are showing that you not only value your customers' opinions but also acknowledge and appreciate their feedback. This fosters a sense of trust and loyalty among your existing customers, encouraging them to continue doing business with you. Additionally, incorporating the feedback from these reviews can help improve your products or services further, leading to an even better customer experience for future clients.

Impact of Video Testimonials on Business Growth

Enhances Social Proof

Video testimonials have the power to enhance the social proof of a business, adding credibility to its offerings. When potential customers see people who reflect their own demographic and needs, sharing positive experiences with a product or service, it instills confidence in the business's ability to deliver what they promise. This enhanced social proof attracts more leads and helps businesses grow in competitive markets.

Attracts Potential Customers

Incorporating video testimonials into marketing strategies can go a long way in attracting potential customers. The relatable stories and experiences shared by satisfied clients can entice prospective clients to engage with the business and explore its offerings. Video testimonials highlight the positive aspects of a product or service, nurturing trust and encouraging potential customers to convert into actual clients, ultimately contributing to business growth.

Increases Visibility

Using video testimonials in digital marketing campaigns increases visibility both for the brand and its testimonials. When people who have had a positive experience with a business share their stories through video testimonials, it creates curiosity and interest among others. Social media platforms, search engines, and other online channels favor video content, further amplifying the reach of video testimonials. This increased visibility brings more leads to the business, boosting its growth prospects.


Purchasing video testimonials might initially seem like a quick and easy solution for increasing trust in a business, but the potential long-term consequences should be considered. In a world where authenticity is highly valued and consumers have easy access to information, the risk of negative repercussions from using fake testimonials can outweigh the supposed benefits.

By focusing on collecting genuine, voluntary testimonials from satisfied customers, businesses can build credibility and foster trust in a more ethical manner. The power of video testimonials comes from their ability to showcase relatable, real-life experiences, and opinions from people who have actually used the products or services being promoted.